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These pages are devoted to photographs of GMRA members, and whenever possible their Amateur Radio equipment and stations. Additionally there are select photos of GMRA repeater equipment and antennas. You can click on any of the photos categories below to view them, and click on any photo to enlarge it:
GMRA Annual Business Meeting / Luncheon
December 3th, 2011

Knights of Columbus Hall - College Park, Md
Club President Paul Freirich, W3HFA, welcomes everyone to the luncheon, and has once again acted as the annual event's Master of Ceremonies.
One of the club's original "Founding Fathers" Bill Kisse, WA3GJD, congratulates the GMRA on it's 40 years of continual service.
Club Treasurer Roy Ashlin Jr., N3NGA, gives his annual report on the status of club membership, as well as the financial health of the organization.
This year's guest speaker Ken Greenhouse, KB3IIE, of the Prince George's County ARES/RACES group, spoke about the important role emergency communications plays in public safety. More information about the P.G. County ARES/RACES organization is available here.
And now the moment everyone has been waiting for ......... the drawing of the winning door prize tickets! The tickets were drawn by Holly Turri, N3FCA, (thank you Holly), and announced by Paul Freirich, W3HFA. The actual prizes were handed out by Bill Kisse, WA3GJD.
All photos are courtesy of C.T. David, K3GXF. C.T. has granted permission for members to download them for personal use.
71 guests in attendance at this year's event.
49 went home with great door prizes.

2011 Door Prize Winner List
No. Door Prize Call Sign First Name Last Name
1 Puxing 2M Handie Talkie NG3G Freddie Battle
2 Puxing 2M Handie Talkie N3HBS Thomas Lloyd
3 Puxing 2M Handie Talkie KC3VO Robert Curry
4 Puxing 2M Handie Talkie KD5ENP Larry Turner
5 Puxing 2M Handie Talkie WB3JPB Bruce Conley
6 Puxing 2M Handie Talkie KA3VNF Debbie Abernethy
7 Puxing 2M Handie Talkie WB5LPN Randy Crenwelge
8 Puxing 2M Handie Talkie KM3DR Robert Lee
9 Puxing 2M Handie Talkie W4EE Jim Laughter
10 Puxing 2M Handie Talkie W3BCW Brooks Blunck
11 Yaesu FT-1900R 2M Mobile N3NGA Roy Ashlin
12 Yaesu FT-1900R 2M Mobile WB3GXW John Creel
13 Yaesu FT-1900R 2M Mobile N3HG Eugene Hoenig
14 Yaesu FT-1900R 2M Mobile KB3PRB Gerda Brown
15 ARRL Handbook W3RTA Bob Anderson
16 ARRL Handbook K3ACT Arthur Tanner
17 ARRL Antenna Book K3QX Ed Herbrechtsmeier
18 ARRL Repeater Directory WA3YTK Richard Snider
19 ARRL Repeater Directory N3HI Peter Salerno
20 ARRL Repeater Diretory WB2TNC William Webster
21 ARRL Repeater Directory N3LHD Thomas Provenza
22 ARRL Repeater Directory KB3IIE Kenneth Greenhouse
23 ARRL Repeater Directory K3SGB John Hite
24 ARRL Repeater Directory K3TC Thomas Calomiris
25 ARRL Repeater Directory KA3ZPE Morris Brown
26 ARRL Repeater Directory N3LFM Debbie Creel
27 ARRL Repeater Directory K4IWF Joseph Schaap
28 MFJ Antenna ZMF-1721 KB3IJF Clifford Thompson
29 MFJ Antenna ZMF-1721 KJ4GDL Michele Laughter
30 L.E.D. Flashlight N3MBW Judith Hoenig
31 L.E.D. Flashlight WI3N James Cross
32 L.E.D. Flashlight K3NCO Marc Ressler
33 L.E.D. Flashlight KB3WDV Philip Stewart
34 L.E.D. Flashlight AK3R John Moody
35 L.E.D. Flashlight WB3KXL David Black
36 L.E.D. Flashlight N3JAA Phyllis Freirich
37 L.E.D. Flashlight KA3SKN Kurt Schneckenburger
38 L.E.D. Flashlight NI3C Johan Stewart
39 L.E.D. Flashlight K3SGA Lois Hite
40 L.E.D. Flashlight W3HFA Paul Freirich
41 L.E.D. Flashlight AA3NN Kenneth Courtney
42 25' Tape Measure KB3LVE Alan Stillwell
43 25' Tape Measure KA3GSV Myer Kahn
44 30' Tape Measure KB3SEL Gloria Moody
45 GMRA 1 Yr Membership AA3WS Charles Hallock
46 GMRA 1 Yr Membership AB3NI Benjamin Walker
47 GMRA 1 Yr Membership WA3GWS George Sullivan
48 GMRA 1 Yr Membership N3LES Les Ravitz
49 GMRA 1 Yr Membership AB3HE Mat Harris
Hope to see you at next year's Annual Business Meeting/Luncheon in December 2012! 73 from GMRA
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