Green Mountain Repeater Association Repeaters
The Green Mountain Repeater Association
Serving Amateur Radio Since 1971
K3GMR 146.610 (-): Bladensburg
W3GMR 146.880 (-): Greenbelt

GMRA operates and maintains two VHF repeaters in Prince George’s County, Maryland which provide Amateur Radio communications for the Washington DC metropolitan and surrounding areas.  The repeater frequencies and locations are below:

146.610 MHz Rx / 146.010 MHz Tx - Located at the top of the WSSC Water Tank at 4907 56th Place, Bladensburg, Md. 20710.
146.880 MHz Rx / 146.280 MHz Tx - Located at the top of the WSSC Water Tank at 211 Ridge Road, Greenbelt, Md. 20770.

PL tones are not required to access either of the repeaters, however the repeaters transmit a tone of 77 hertz.  Users may wish to program their receivers to use this tone in order to avoid extraneous noise, but it's an optional feature and not a repeater requirement.  Each repeater site consists of a Motorola Micor 100 watt repeater, Sinclair duplexer, battery or generator emergency backup power, and a four element dipole vertical antenna at approximately 300 feet above sea level.

Both repeaters are dedicated to community support as required during times of emergencies. In this regard, GMRA is affiliated with the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) and the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES); the latter under the auspices of the Prince George’s County Office of Homeland Security.

It should be noted that the 146.880 MHz Repeater is connected to the EchoLink system full time.

ARES Logo is a registered service mark of ARRL, and is used with ARRL permission.
Each repeater has advanced features such as: Autopatch, Voice Playback Testing, Voice Mail, Instant Date/Time Retrieval, Touch Tone Testing, Automatic Announcements and Rapid Pre-programmed Touch Tone access to local/state/U.S. law enforcement agencies including 911. With the exception of the Voice Playback Testing, all advanced features are reserved for members only.
K3GMR 146.610
W3GMR 146.880
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